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ACU/Sport80 Help Files

Note: These guides have been made to help other users. The authors are not involved in the creation of Sport80. The screenshots used may be from different Center Clubs, so the way some classes are named and other details might not match those of your club…. Note: Files are available for download as a PDF.

Document issue/version status The Actual document is in the table below

Document TitleIssue Status
Member’s Guide to renewing membershipsiss 2 13 /11
Member’s Guide to Renewing Membershipsiss1 13/11
Adding documentation to the systemIss116/10
Taking Day Entries via the Sport80 PlatformIss 1 24/9
Adding a question to the entry formiss 2 21/10
Club Membership on the Club Management System (CMS)Iss 1 29/8
Club and Team Affiliations Explained (Sport80 Platform)Iss1 29/8
Financial Report for your latest Trial. Includes a chapter on your Clubs Stripe Account (Sport80 Platform)Iss 1 27/8
Guide to your Profile (Sport80 Platform)Iss 11/8
Approving Membership requests. (Sport80 Platform)Iss 11/8
Guide to setting up events (Sport80 Platform). (Master Document)Iss3 22/10
Entry Form and Classes separate (Extracted from Master Document)Iss2 27/7
Trials Permit Application (Extracted from Master Document)Iss3 11/10

Guide for members to renew their memberships via the ACU/Aport80 platform of a link from your social media/website

E Mail all your Club members in one email via the ACU/Sport80 platform.

Upload documents to the Sport80 platform. eg Officials sign on sheets, and copies of accident reports etc.

Temp fix to set the system to allow entries on the day. Martin F tested this at a recent trial and successfully took several day entries via the Sport80 system

Adding questions to the online entry form e.g Can you provide an observer)

The document is updated with new screenshots.

A brief description of checking who has paid via the CMS. NOTE: This document will be removed when the memberships have moved to the ACU/Sport80 system.

A brief description of checking if a competitor is a member of your Club and how payment was made.

A brief description of the Financial reports from your latest Trial. There is also a section on accessing your Clubs Stripe Account

This is a guide for people to view their profile on the ACU/Sport80 platform. (Mobile & Website)

On occasion, it will be necessary for clubs to manually enter a membership.

This is a full guide to setting up and administrating an event on the Sport80 platform. There are individual chapters available below the document. Note some screenshots have been changed due to the Sport 80 Platform being updated.

How to apply for a Trials Permit. This document only gives details on applying for a permit. Permits must be applied for 7 days BEFORE the event

How to set up separate courses and classes on the entry form