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Yorkshire Centre 2023 Champions

Below are the 2023 Yorkshire Centre Trials Champions and the 2023 West Yorkshire Trials Champions.

TrophyWinnerCentre (C)
Centre Champions (Trials)
Angels TrophyExpert TrialsCWilliam Tolson
Leon Cooper TrophyIntermediate TrialsCTom Middleton
Quince Rose BowlNovice TrialsCRichard Melon
Neville Crowther TrophyYouth ACCallum Fowler
Jack Cleaver TrophyYouth BCCharlie Petty
Brook Lister TrophyYouth CCKoby Smith
Yorkshire Centre TrophyClubman ACNigel Crowther
Yorkshire Centre TrophyClubman BCPhillip Hammond
Stanley Cox SalverAll Rounder under 21
Cliff Jessop AwardAll Rounder under 17
Arnold Moore TrophyTrials Club Most pointsYeadon-Guiseley
Jack Wood TrophyFurtherance of Access
Ron Winterburn TrophyBest Yorkshire Centre Rider in ScottishDOUGIE LAMPKIN
J W Edge Trophy Achievements in Road Racing 
Rob Fitton Trophy Best Centre Resident Road RacerTom Tunstall
West Yorkshire Champions (Trials)
Tom Ellis TrophyExpertWYCHarry Hemingway
Richardson TrophyIntermediateWYCTom Middleton
Jack Hart Trophy  NoviceWYCDaniel Smith
WYC TrophyClubman AWYCJake Walker
WYC TrophyClubman BWYCPhilip Hammond
WYC TrophyYouth A ClassWYC
WYC TrophyYouth B ClassWYC
Bob Lister TrophyYouth C ClassWYC
Earnest Brown TrophyIndividual PointsWYCElliot Laws
Jefferies TrophyTrials ClubWYCYeadon Guiseley
Halifax ShieldOverall Points ClubWYCYeadon Guiseley
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