Centre & West Yorkshire points (trial) unto 13/10

Points scored in both Yorkshire and West Yorkshire Championships Postions 13.10

ACU Secretary Meeting Minutes

……… The General Secretary gave a gentle reminder to those present about getting information for the ACU Handbook back to […]

2019 ACU Trials Registration Increase

Dear All During the course of an ACU Ltd Board of Directors meeting held yesterday, the Directors looked at the […]

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ACU Benevolent Fund

Please support the only Charity that is there to support Motorcyclists
“Anyone who, at any time, has been a member of an affiliated Club or who is the dependant of a member, should qualify for assistance”
Quote from one of the Founders of the Fund – Allan Jefferies
If you know someone in need, suffering hardship then contact:

Yorkshire Centre Benevolent Fund Officer
Margaret Carter
01943 878666

The Utmost Confidentiality is Guaranteed
Can you or your Club provide the funds to enable the Benevolent Fund to continue?
Can you help the Benevolent Fund to help less fortunate colleagues?

The Fund Relies Entirely on Donations