2023 Centre Handbbok

Below are the Officials of the Yorkshire Centre along with a list of Past Presidents, Ex Life Members &

Centre Territory

From 1st April 1975 The Yorkshire Centre Territory is described as that part of North Yorkshire situated West of the Railway Line from Yarm to Northallerton to the boundary of York (excluding York) and West of the main York – Barlby – Howden Road to the Humberside Boundary, that part of Teesdale District of Durham situated South of the River Tees.
West Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

President – Mr Martin Jackson 07784 186021 sighlex@btinternet.com
Chairperson – Mr Mark Yeardon – 01937 541042
Secretary – Mrs Sue Smith – 01274 834184 -sue.ykcentre@blueyonder.co.uk
Treasurer – Mr Graham Wilson – 01132 176509 – treasurer.yv@virginmedia.com
Trials Recorder. – Mr Mike Washington – 07730572683

Auditor – Mr Martin Jackson (see above for contact details)
Noise Inspector – Mr Grahm Wilson (see above for contact details)
Delegate to ACU National Management Council – Mr M Washington/Mr M Jackson. (see above for contact details)

Training Officers – Mrs S Smith & Mr M Yeadon (see above for contact details)

1977 G. Marwood, Dronfield Woodhouse
1988  G. E. Wilson, Cookridge Leeds
1989  R. F. Green, Thorne
1991 S. Smithies, Halifax
1993 K. Blythe, Melmerby
1996 A. E. Terry, Batley
1996  Mrs. M. Myers, Darley
1997  R. Beaumont Birchencliffe
2000 Mrs. L. Timms, Sheffield
2005  P. Stewart,Oughtibridge, Sheffield
2006  R. Eddings, Brierfield
2007  Mrs. M. Carter JP. Leeds.
2008  D. Pitts, Burley in Wharfedale
2013/14 S. Lowther, Brompton on Swale,
2016/18/19 Mr Mike Washington,Huddersfield
2010/17 Mrs. C Kenzitt,Birstall
Past Presidents
N. E. Dixon OBE, Leeds
T. E. Flintoff, Bradford
J. H. Holmes, Leeds
W. Milner, Harrogate
W. J. Perry, Halifax
H. C. Whittemore, Halifax
T. H. Wortley, Pudsey
J. J. Walker, Pudsey
T. U. Ellis, Ripon
J. R. Milner, Harrogate
R. Winterburn, Bradford
G. H. Holmes, Cleckheaton
C. J. Grey, Drighlington
S. Pitts, , Pudsey 
Phyll Stephenson, Liversedge
G. Fletcher, Leeds
S. M. Haigh, Harrogate
J. A. Head, Bradford
R. G. Owen, Leeds
J. L. Townend, Leeds
P. A. Wells, Barnsley
L. Cooper, Cleckheaton
Mrs. M.Holmes, Batley
R. D. Lister, Batley
W.A.J.Milner Harrogate
Mrs.H.Waters, Darlington
N. B. Waters, Darlington
D. Loney, Liversedge
M. Timms, Sheffield
B Robinson Ilkley
Ex Life Members
1921-3 W. R. Haggas, Keighley
1924 J. D. Fell, Scarborough
1925 F. B. Roper, Sheffield
1926 T.W. Monkhouse, Harrogate
1927 S. Jepson, Harrogate
1928 H. W. Robinson, Otley
1929 F. Wright, York
1930 W. Ryan, Middleborough
1931 H. Payne, MBE, Otley
1932 W.A. Dovener, Bradford
1933 G.A. Reed, York
1934 F.C. Topliss MBE, Sheffield
1935 F. Marshall, Ilkley
1936 A. Buttress, Middleborough
1937 N.E. Dixon OBE, Leeds
1938 E. A. Morris, Harrogate
1939 J. W. Wildblood, Sheffield
1946 T. E. Flintoff, Bradford
1947 G. H. Sawyer, Sheffield
1948 J. H. Marshall, Harrogate
1949 J. Gash, Stokesley
1950 A. Jefferies, Shipley
1951 H. Marshall, Harrogate
1952 L. E. C. King, Bridlington
1953 A. Moore, Huddersfield
1954 A. Harbourne, Sheffield
1955 G. Fletcher, Leeds
1956 R. E.W. Whiteman
1957 P. A. Wells, Leeds
1958 A. E. Raynes, Doncaster
1959 J. E. Whitaker, Shipley
1960 J. S. Oliver, France
1961 W. Milner, Harrogate
1962 G. C. F. Zizzler
1964 T. U. Ellis, Ripon
1963 W. Harris Retford
1965 W. L. Cocker, Sheffield
1966 R. G. Owen, Leeds
1967 S. Ellis, Preston
1970 J. R. Milner, Harrogate
1971 J. Hart, Penrith
1972 L. Cooper, Cleckheaton 
1973 Gee, Doncaster
1973 S. Pitts, Pudsey
1974 A. Acklam, Wakefield
1976 G. H. Holmes, Cleckheaton
1978 W. A. J. Milner, Harrogate
1980 H. Blackburn, Harrogate
1981 Miss S. Wood, Holmfirth
1982 R. Winterburn, Bradford
1983 N. B. Waters, Darlington
1984 D. P. Loney, Lightcliffe
1985 R. D. Lister, Batley
1986 D. Allinson, Reeth
1987 C. J. Grey, Stanningley
1990 Mrs. B. Jones, Saltaire
1992 M. Timms, Sheffield
1993 N. H. Crowther, Leeds
1995 Mrs. M Holmes, Batley
1999 & 2009 B. Clarkson, Huddersfield
2001-2 Mrs. P. Stephenson,Liversedge
2003 B. Carter, Leeds.
2014-15 Mrs. P. Ludgate, Pontefract
2011-12 J. Ford, Batley
In Memoriam – Past Presidents

(Made under the provisions of the Local Centre Bye Laws of the Auto Cycle Union)
(b) The objectives of the Centre shall be those laid down in the Constitution of the Auto Cycle Union and the affairs of the Centre shall be managed by the Centre Board

The Officials of the Centre Board shall be
President (who could also be Chairperson)
President Elect
All Past Presidents of The Centre
Ten Vice Presidents
Centre Noise Inspectors
Discipline Recorders
Benevolent Funf Officer
National Management Council Delegates
Centre members of ACU Main Committees

All the Above except the Past Presidents shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for the next twelve months ensuing, or until successors are Elected.  A President Elect shall be elected from amongst the Ten Retiring Vice Presidents, the Past Presidents or Life Members.

Any of the foregoing elected Officers who shall fail to attend three successive Board Meetings shall be deemed to have Retd unless they have tendered (and the same been accepted) good and sufficient reasons for absence.

Two Auditors shall be appointed annually, but their position will not entitle them to act as Ex Officio Members of the Centre Board.

The Office of President shall be held for one year only (or more if voted in), but at the expiry of the term of Office, that person may be elected as President Elect until the next Annual General Meeting.

The Emergency Committee shall consist of The Centre President, The Centre Chairman, Centre Secretary, Centre Treasurer and President Elect. A Maximum of five, Minimum of three to sit and Act.

In addition to the named Officials, the Centre Board shall consist of Delegates from Clubs in membership as follows: – Based on Number of Members affiliated to the ACU from that club at end of the previous year – Not Exceeding 100 members – Two Delegates; One additional Delegate per further 100 Members or part there of:  New Clubs will be entitled to One Delegate for the Year in which they join.

(a) The Standing Orders applicable to meetings of the Auto Cycle Union shall, so far as possible, be applicable to meetings of the Centre Board and in cases of difficulty or doubt the decision of the Chairman shall be final.
(b) A Quorum shall consist of Five Members
(c) The Secretary shall send Notice of all Meetings to all Officials and to All Club Secretaries not later than fourteen days prior to the dates of such meetings.
(d) Club Secretaries shall in turn notify their delegates and notice so given shall be deemed to be good and sufficient notice for Club Delegates
(e) One meeting held every year shall be the Annual General Meeting of the Centre Board and not less than fourteen days notice thereof shall be given to Officials and Clubs.
(f) An Extraordinary meeting of the Centre Board may at any time be convened by the secretary on receipt of a requisition, in writing, sent to the Secretary by or on behalf of any five clubs in the Centre.  Such a meeting to be held not less than twenty-one days from receipt of requisition.
(g) Nominations for Officials and proposed Alterations to the Rules of the Yorkshire Centre Auto Cycle Union shall be made in writing and shall reach the secretary not less than twenty one days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.
(h) These Rules may be added to, or amended at any Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting of the Centre Board
(i) Visitors may, at the discretion of the Centre Board, attend meetings, but shall not be entitled to Vote
(j) The President and the Secretary of the Centre Board for the time being shall be ex-officio members of every club in the Centre. Club secretaries shall furnish these officials with copies of all circulars and notices.
(k) In the case of a breach of the Centre Rules by any Club or Official thereof, such Club or Official may, at the discretion of the Centre Board be fined an amount not exceeding the sum stated in Rule 9b, or in the case of a club, may be expelled from the Centre or such lesser penalty as deemed necessary may be imposed.

(a) Permit Applications for all events to be made to the Permit Officer clearly stating the Police Authority in which the venue is situated.
(b) Applications for Permits will only be considered against correct applications i.e. those accompanied by a Copy of the Regulations for the event, including names of consenting Clubs invited for Restricted events (not more than 9 including the organizing club) and the correct remittance.  See Rule 9(a) for Fees
(c) Any monies outstanding at the time an application for a Permit is received by the Permit Authority, will lead to a refusal to issue
(d) A condition of the issue of Permits is that all Supplementary Regulations, Programmes, Announcements, entry Forms or other official communication relating to any meeting or competition shall comply with the provisions of the National Sporting Code, the Standing Regulations of the Auto Cycle Union, the Permit Number quoted.
(e) A club considering the promotion of a National, Open or Centre Status event may be required to furnish suitable and sufficient guarantees in writing by not less than three responsible persons, to cover any loss, which may be incurred, and to ensure the published Awards will be duly forthcoming.
(f) Applications for Centre dates will be considered at the Centre Dates Meeting, precedence in the allocation of dates will be given to:
A – Those Clubs having applied in writing
B – Clubs having a Delegate present at the Dates Meeting.
C – Then if Club represented at the Centre A.G. M

(g) To protect events which have been allotted Centre Championship Status & West Yorkshire Championship Status. No event of the same nature may be run on the same date, unless written permission is obtained from the Club promoting the Centre Championship or West Yorkshire Championship event and forwarded with the Application for Permit.  (A Pre 65 event is considered not to be of the same nature as an event for Modern machines)
(h) A Club may only promote one round of the Centre Championship or West Yorkshire Championship in any one year. The event will be on a Sunday or a date agreed prior to the commencement of the championship year and be identified as CC / WYC in the calendar.
(i) No Centre Championship or West Yorkshire Championship Trial should be organized on the same date as a National Trial promoted by a Yorkshire Centre Club
(j) No Events other than those of an entirely dissimilar nature, run under closed permits shall be organized on the date of the Yorkshire Centre Team Trial.
(k) No Motorcycling Events shall be organized within Centre Territory on Remembrance Sunday.
(l) If it is intended that territory outside that designated as Yorkshire Centre Territory is to be used, then written permission from the Secretary of the Centre concerned must be enclosed with the Permit Application.
(m) In all cases of Postponement or cancellation the organizing club must notify the Permit Authority within 24 hours of the decision. 
(m) All Insurance Premiums, and Levy Payments where appropriate, must be sent with a copy of the programmed, or a list of entrants, or full results within 14 days of the event being run to whom ever issued the Permit together with the Insurance Declaration Form supplied for onwards transmission to the Insurers. 
(o)  A levy will be agreed at the AGM, this fee will be charged per competitor for all Centre Championship events.