Past Champions

Yorkshire Centre Past Champions (Angels Trophy)

1979Mick Skinner2007Ben Hemingway
1980Bret Haley2008Danny Gamble
1981Graham Tales2009/10Phil Disney
19822011Dan Thorpe
1983/84Glen Scholey2012Liam Walker
19852013/14Sam Yeadon
1986/91Glen Scholey2015Phil Disney
1992Dave Moorwood2016Dan Thorpe
1993Graham Tales2017Sam Yeadon
1994Geral Richardson2018Danny Gamble
1995/96Phil Alderson2019Ben Hemingway
1997Martin Crosswaite2020/21No Competition (Covid)
1998Nathan Wrigglesworth2022Richard Sadler
1999/2000Graham Tales
2001No Competition (Foot & Mouth)
2002Sam Ludgate
2003 Arran Drachenberg
2004Nathan Wrigglesworth
2005Sam Ludgate
2006James Dabill
Past Winners of The Angels Trophy