10th August

A trials bike marathon, 26 miles riding up a stream! 52 miles in total. Great training for the Scott, a real challenge. And it’s all in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

Hello everyone,

As someone who spends countless hours helping Clubs within the centre organise events for trials riders, I’m now asking for a little help in return. On August 10th, we have a simple yet impactful event:


**The Simple Rules:**

1. Raise £50 as a Solo rider 0r £25 per rider if part of a relay team (max 4 riders) e.g. 4 team members = £100

2. Attempt as many 1-mile runs up the stream as you can, either on your own or as a team. (You DO NOT have to complete 26 laps, but we still would like you to raise the minimum sponsorship.)

That’s it.

**Awareness** is the key to this event. By participating, you’ll get people talking and help raise money for a good cause. Yes, it’ll be tough, but it’s incredibly rewarding when someone thanks you for making a difference in their life.

Robin wouldn’t still be beating us every weekend if he hadn’t had the test. This is why I’m reaching out.

The other day a random guy in Skipton walked up to me and thanked me for the advert on my van that prompted him to get tested, and he’s fine. He would not have done it if he hadn’t seen the van. That made my day!

Let’s help others together.

Tony Holmes

Unable to ride then donate