Charity Marathon Trial update!

We had Josh McParland down at Cockhill this morning, checking the length of the stream, so we’ve confirmed we have a full mile, which is a bit further up than we expected. It took him 19 mins to do the mile, in deep ish water, and very slippery, plus a couple of minutes to get back to the bottom of the stream. So we think our estimate of 15 minute laps is possible for the quick riders, and are happy the sections will be tricky to clean every lap, but not impossible for anyone.

Looks like 4 1/2 to 5 hours will be standard time, so very similar to the Scott, but less easier quick bits.

We think the entries will be limited to about 40 riders, otherwise the stream will be too packed with riders. So start getting your sponsorship sorted, regs are being prepared thanks to Mick Wren so they should be OK, and Nige Pearson Trials UK is going to do a drone film of the course, and John HulmeTrials Magazine is on side to help promotion.

Remember the date August 10th, and see if you are strong enough in mind and body to do 26 miles of streams!

More details to follow