Some Clubs within the Centre have or will be hosting Centre & West Yorkshire Championship Trials in 2024. The venues for these are top-notch for Trials, and most have been hosting Centre Championship Trials for years. We all know these events require a lot of manpower and organisation, so your support is invaluable.

We’d love to see more members competing at these events. Not only does it earn points for the Club, but it’s also a chance for our members to shine and possibly become champions in their class. Let us know why you haven’t been able to participate, so Clubs can address any concerns and make improvements. Your input is invaluable!

For these Trials to be successful, each club aims to run at least 3 laps with 15 sections, or ideally 20 sections with 2 laps *. But here’s the thing: we need observers, with or without motorcycles.

You might have noticed that the number of observers has been decreasing over the years. We need your support to keep these fantastic Trials going strong.

Below are 2 tables (Table 1 is Centre Championship, showing the number of competitors who have entered Championship trials this year. I think you will agree that the numbers on the main course of the Centre Championship are rather disappointing. Round 1 = 12 Round 2 = 12, Round 3 = 15, Round 4 cancelled

  • Centre Rules state “Centre & WY Championship Trials should have a course of a minimum of 36 sections and a minimum of 12 sections per lap.