Your Club need MORE help behind the scenes

We’d like to highlight an emerging concern within our Clubs. It appears that an increasing number of trials are facing the unfortunate possibility of cancellation due to a lack of participant entries. In certain instances, these cancellations are causing financial strain on the Clubs themselves. For those of you who are regular competitors, you’ve likely noticed that a familiar group of individuals faithfully attends these events rain or shine. Often, these dedicated participants are the senior members of our club or individuals who maintain a strong passion for the sport.

Yet, there’s a side to these events that often goes unnoticed – the extensive behind-the-scenes work. There’s a whirlwind of activity happening in the background. This includes tasks such as liaising with landowners, promoting the event, coordinating observers, distributing participant numbers on the day, and subsequently sharing the final results. These are merely a handful of responsibilities taken care of behind the scenes.

Moreover, the effort doesn’t stop there. The meticulous process of marking out the sections, retrieving the flags, and ensuring they’re in prime condition for the next trial.

It’s important to remember that the success of these trials is a collective effort, reliant not only on the participants who compete but also on the dedication of those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly. Clubs are in urgent need of ” behind the scenes support”. Contact your Club to see if you can assist.