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TSR’s, ESR’s NSC, Medical Services, Enviro Code

5th March 2024

Copies of TSR’s, ESR’s, NSC, Medical Services and Environmental Code for 2024 are available via Graham Wilson

You may have notice these are not available to vie on ACU.org as they were been copied by other associations.

These will not be circulated at present due to this problem.

If a Club Official should have reason to refer these please contact me.

Best Regards


YC Events Coordinator

Centre Update on Risk Assessment 2024

The Centre is in discussion with the ACU about the amended version of the 2020 Risk Assessment document which is available on the ACU website. An amended version (Attachment below) has been sent to the ACU for comments. Below is a Word document with the section regarding “electric bikes”, Section 10 of the document. You will notice that the Checking of batteries has been amended to ‘MAY”