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18th October

For the avoidance of doubt, following several enquiries, the changes introduced on the Covid-19 risk assessments are no longer in place for events and they must be organised and run to the standard risk assessment templates (Trials) making suitable allowances for the inclusion of the electric bikes where appropriate. The previous correspondence for electric bikes with the template risk assessments allowed event organisers to adapt the template locally to suit the requirements of their individual events and requirements whilst ensuring the key requirements are met. 

If anyone is unsure of whether their risk assessment meets the requirements for their specific event, then they are welcome to email it to Gary Thompson, Event Safety Director gary@acu.org.uk and copied to myself and we will advise if there are any issues with what you propose. 

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards

Matthew Wear
General Secretary

Centre Update

The Centre is in discussion with the ACU about the amended version of the 2020 Risk Assessment document which is available on the ACU website. An amended version (Attachment below) has been sent to the ACU for comments. Below is a Word document with the section regarding “electric bikes”, Section 10 of the document. You will notice that the Checking of batteries has been amended to ‘MAY”