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It’s been scientifically proven that enduro, hard enduro, road, track, speedway or any other type of motorcycle enthusiasts will benefit from trials and this podcast! 

Join your host David Grice as he interviews the experienced (and not-so-experienced) riders to get an insight into the sport of trials and what makes it so much fun!

Below is a selection of Yorkshire Riders who have been interviewed by David.

Now available E87 – Katy Sunter
E74: The Hemingway’s – A chat with Dan and his boys Harry & George
E54: Dougie Lampkin – The Champion; Ambassador; Legend
E51: James Dabill – Retirement, Rules and Reflection
E19: Dan Thorpe – Mr one hundred and forty-eight
E18: Dan & Jack Peace – the very talented Yorkshire duo
E16: Milky (aka Richard Midgley) – We’re not in Silsden anymore
Other British Podcasts you may find interesting
E28: Ian & Oliver Smith – The story behind OSET
E35: Mick Wren – You don’t choose motorcycling, motorcycling chooses you
E82: Mike Rapley – Some things have changed in 58 years
E83: Mike Rapley – Some things have changed in 58 years (Part 2)