Training Permits, Practice Permits and Demonstration Permits

Information from ACU HQ:

It might be time just to clarify who issues Training Permits, Practice Permits and Demonstration Permits and how much each of these Permits cost.

The easy bit is to say that all these Permits are issued by ACU Head Office.  Training Permits are issued by Debbie Walmsley, Practice Permits and Demonstration Permits are issued by each Sporting Secretary.


In terms of cost, these are as follows:


Training Permits – the cost is £10.00 per permit and then a per capita rate for each person participating in the training session.


Practice Permits – the cost of a Practice Permit is £10.00 and then if the event is held under Premier Insurance – a per capita rate per each person participating OR…….. if the event is held under Basic Insurance – there is a flat rate fee of £440 (this includes the permit fee and insurance).   The following also applies for Practice Permits:


Œ  The event shall be organised by an ACU Affiliated Club / Promoter.

Œ  The event must be run by a Regional or above Clerk of the Course.

Œ  Rider’s must have an ACU annual / day licence.

Œ  If the Permit is ‘BASIC’ you MUST inform your riders that there is no personal accident cover for competitors.

Œ  The course must hold and comply with a valid Temporary Course Certificate.

Œ  There must be no timing of the participants.

Œ  There must be no competitive activity.

Œ  There must be no awards or prizes.

Any charges made should be to cover expenses only.


Demonstration Permits – These permits are issued by ACU Head Office and cost £50.00.  These permits will be issued by the respective Discipline Secretary.  What is the purpose of these permits?  The clue is in the title – Demonstration.


The idea of these permits is to demonstrate our Sport – at a Show for example, to try and encourage more people to engage with our activity.   We have to be sensible on the numbers involved, normally we are looking at four or five people to demonstrate our Sport to the public.   This is mostly Trials, although Grass Track have done this but again, we have to be mindful of the numbers of people involved and these have to be kept to the minimum.


I hope the above clarifies the permits that have been outlined.  If you have any questions please come back to me.


Kind regards