Latest news from ACU Nat Council Meeting 16th June- Read important info

News from the ACU National Council Meeting held on 16th June.

Note; Are you going to compete in the French 4 Day??? Are you insured??

  1. Insurance:

John Collins reported it was becoming harder and harder to get Insurers interested in quoting for Motorsport cover, hence the reason the ACU were having to underwrite much of the business themselves, but costs were forever upward.

With regard to riders competing abroad in “low-key” events (eg. French 4 Day Trial) the ACU were offering Repatriation Insurance cover for a reasonable £45.00 per event but not everyone was taking this up, and he wondered if they were falsely relying on standard foreign travel cover (which would not normally cover motorsport).

In bigger events, such as World Trial, Rider’s insurance would be part of the FIM Licence fee next year, rather than being through the ACU.

As regards retention of documents (entry forms etc) under GDPR these should be kept for no longer than 4 years unless a possible accident claim was involved.


  1. Wessex Centre proposal to increase age limit to 80:

The ACU Directors put forward an amendment to change to an over 73 Rule (from the present over 70 Rule) and this was voted in with immediate effect.


  1. Election to Track Racing Committee:

Gary Bemister (only candidate) was elected successfully, 12 for and 6 abstentions.


  1. Trials Working Group:

Although take up and not been good, with 4 out of a possible 13, feedback was good so far.


  1. GDPR Update:

Check the ACU website for guidance on a suitable Generic GDPR / Privacy Policy Statement.

Delete records of Club members who haven’t been active within the last 4 years.

The “RideACU” online entry & Licence Application system provides a “one-stop shop” that addresses GDPR compliance issues, and is therefore recommended to all Clubs.


  1. LARA update Report:

The ACU are now LARA full members along with the MSA, TRF and MCIMA, and report that there are an amazing number of issues that, if not defended, could adversely affect future land use for off-road motorsport.

For instance Powys CC are still insisting that ACU members should get MSA approval wherever public highways, bridleways or footpaths are involved – this is time consuming and expensive and even the MSA are against this but may eventually have to implement the Law fully (Derbyshire CC are now “jumping on the bandwagon” as well as other Local Authorities).

A “Fighting Fund” had been set up by LARA, but only currently has £1000 in it – the ACU are asking Centres to consider contributing to top this up.

The VNUK EU insurance requirement has not gone away and is still in danger of killing off motorsport – it will mean all mechanically propelled vehicles, on and off-road, will have to carry third party liability insurance; understandably Insurers are not falling over themselves to cover anything involved in motorsport!

France & Finland are already in favour of implementing the ruling, which is encouraging the EU to pursue it (other Governments such as the UK are currently just ignoring it!)  


10.5 Sidecar Speedway:

This has been going well – ACU are offering discounted tickets to events in your area (e.g. Belle Vue?)


  1. Any Other Business:

John Collins reminded everyone that the ACU were still offering Grants or Loans to Clubs to help develop motorsport facilities, and any applications should be made through Gary Thompson.