Is your Club thinking of having ‘Training Day’ ? Please read this.

ACU are informing clubs they are not insured to run training days with out ACU trainers, landowners loose their 3rd party insurance; 

  1. Anyone who gives instructions to riders are classed as an Instructor and is there fore liable to any action if there is an accident.
  2. Not covered under a practise permit
  3. Liable to damages for accidents or injury. If instructor is self-employed then their business is at risk. UNLESS they have public liability insurance.

To be an ACU Coach;

    • £40 Licence
    • Up-to-date First Aid
    • Attend an ACU Coaching Seminar 1 out of 3 years
    • Must be capable on a trials bike
    • Must be assessed by ACU assessor
    • Training Days then run under Training Permit, which includes ACU Public Liability Insurance Landowner etc.,