Free Digital Trials Observer App

Usually the Trials Secretary of the Meeting is always under pressure to produce results as soon as possible this app just helps do that! One file input per section from this app, to your existing spreadsheet, for up to 999 competitors, sort the results by class and ascending score and hey presto it’s there! This FREE app “Observer Trials Recorder” works on an android phone or an Amazon Fire Tablet.Berkhamsted MCC has been working with a developer Andrew Beck to create an observer marking app that can be downloaded to an android phone (Android 5.1 or above) or an Amazon Fire (OS 5 or above). The app optionally replaces paper and produces a .csv file that can be downloaded into spreadsheet application that you would normally use to create the results.The app “Observer Trials Recorder” is FREE, vetted and scanned by Amazon and available from the Amazon Appstore ( For android phone you will need to install the Amazon Appstore first