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Fancy Becoming an ACU Technical Official?

Have you ever considered becoming an ACU Technical Official, well the ACU are on the lookout for new people to take on this important role at Events from Club to International level. 

You are probably aware that volunteering is crucial to the continuation of motorsport. There are so many ways you can volunteer and help support our sport and the appointment of an ACU Technical Official is one of those vital roles.

The Technical Official is the person who inspects both the rider’s machine and safety clothing are in compliance with the ACU Technical Regulations with each discipline having a specific set of Technical Regulations.  A person can become a member of the technical teams at regional events whilst under the guidance of the Chief Technical Official. This allows you to gain experience. 

Once you feel confident you can apply to attend a Regional Technical Officials Seminar that will allow you to take the role of Chief Technical Official at Regional events. 

After holding your Regional Licence for a period of time you can attend a National Seminar and become a Chief Technical Officials at National events before progressing further to become an International Technical Official. 

Technical Officials can also train to become Sound Inspectors for both Road Race and Off-Road sports.

If you would like any more information about how to become an ACU Technical Official, please contact Kirsty Telford at the ACU office via email –