Covid Relaxation 19/7/21


With the removal of the legal requirements on 19th July the ACU issued the attached document ‘Stage 4 of the Roadmap’

This includes advice and requirements that organisers take responsibility for event safety and implement controls appropriate  to local conditions.

Also is a requirement for clubs to ensure that individuals take responsibility in the Supplementary Regulations. 

I therefore suggest that the Current Covid statement is replaced by: –

‘COVID 19: Individuals need to take responsibility for their own safety and exercise judgment as appropriate.

The event will be run under the current recommendations issued by the Government and the ACU and must be adhered to.

Anyone who has contracted coronavirus, exhibited symptoms, been in contact with someone who has been infected with the virus, or requested to self-isolate in a ten-day period prior to the event taking place shall not travel to or participate/officiate at the event and will follow Gov.UK guidance/advice as appropriate’.

Clubs may also wish to amend or dispense with the supplementary event safety document as they see fit.

Risk Assessments are still a requirement of permit issue, but these will revert to the pre covid one (dated 7th May 2020) a copy of which is attached.

For Clubs who do not use the ACU online entry system, you will need to add the additional disclaimer and I have attached the revised entry declaration.

Finally Riders and Officials signing on sheets need to be updated with the addition of wording as per last paragraph on the Roadmap announcement.

(Latest documents are available in the ‘documents tab’ on your Club Portal).

Please ensure that any new permit applications are to latest requirement!