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Covid 19 Event Documentation (Supp Regs)

Message from Graham Wilson

Hi All


With the easing of restrictions and the return to events being run under Restricted CV19 permits things are slowly moving forward.


A few of you are about to run events under these guidelines.

However there has been a few problems with providing suitable event documents with applications.

In an effort to assist with this and reduce the workload of a stretched T&E secretary I have produced a Supplementary  Regulation template.

From this you can enter your event specific details (sections  in blue), but remember to change colour and use Arial 10 font when doing so to retain format.

(A revised and updated RA is also due to be circulate from Rugby).


If you are using the ACU online event entry you will not need an entry form.

Should you choose another acceptable method for entries I also have an Entry Form template you can request.


When you make an application to Rugby for an event will please copy me in.

This will again save time and effort as I need to approve events before Rugby can process.


Finally as event payments are to be made to the ACU please remember to include the Centre levy with your calculation.


Any problems I’m here to help.


Yours in Sport


(0777 272 4078)

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