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Yorkshire Trials C/SHIP-Cancelled

2021 Trials Championships have been cancelled

E mail from Tresurer 16/3

I have waited to see what response was forthcoming before replying.

My personal view is that the it is not practicable to support a championship series under the present climate.

We are only just entering the first steps of the ‘Roadmap’ and there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how this will progress.

As Boris has said this will be data led, not date led and could have the ‘steps’ extended if there is increases in infections.

(We only need to look to the Isle of Man, Italy and Germany to see how quickly things can change).

An on / off, stop / start series is not realistic.

Events that could be run prior to the removal of restrictions would be under Covid Restricted Permits and would most likely exclude eligible riders.

These events have to comply with Government Restrictions and guidelines, as stated in the latest risk assessment, the ACU covering letter to Local Authorities and other bulletins issued and have not changed.

These Include: Social Distancing -2 Metre and face masks where this cannot be achieved; Rule of 6; Gathering restrictions; Working from home and Advise on limiting non-essential travel. (For full information see; – COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021 – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Also, of the dates listed one is a ‘free’ date and could cause conflict if Clubs have earmarked it for events.

There is also the question of how much support there is for these events. As a benchmark the widely publicised and very well run Team Trial in 2020 only attracted 6 riders to the Championship Route. Are we flogging the proverbial.

As Sue stated in a previous mailing, deferring the Championship would free up some additional dates allowing Clubs to concentrate on getting Club events back on track.

The timely decision by the Centre not to have a Centre Championships allowed clubs and riders alike to know where they stood and make appropriate plans and move forward.



Secretaries update 16/3

Hi Ladies /Gentlemen

After a great deal of thought and lack of response (Only 4 Clubs replied) from Mike Washington’s email regarding Centre Championships.

3 out of 5 on the emergency committee have decided to stand with the first email sent out. 

There will be NO Championships in 2021. Freeing up dates up for clubs to run club events.

We will start 2022 with a fresh slate.

The government have restrictions in place until the end of June when things could be back to normal IF each stage has been completed.

It is unfair that not everyone would be able to compete in a championship trial and also still have restrictions on entry’s numbers

Yorkshire Centre ACU


Sue Smith

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