AGM Centre Meeting Outcome

The Annual General Meeting of the Yorkshire Centre A.C.U. was held on Tuesday 29th January at the Cleckheaton Sports Club Bradford Road Cleckheaton BD19 3UD.

The full list of Officials for 2019 are here

Proposals for Rule Changes were all passed

1) Proposal from West Leeds “ To protect events which have been allotted West Yorkshire championship status, no event of the same nature shall be run on the same date, unless written permission is obtained from the club promoting the west Yorkshire championship event and forwarded with the application for permit. (a pre 65 event is considered not to be of the same nature as an event for modern machines)”

2nd BY; 

If this proposal is past would West Yorkshire Championship be restricted to 1 event has per Centre Championship?

2) Proposal from Horsforth “To bring in that all clubs running Yorkshire centre trials and West Yorkshire championship trials use the same coloured flags. Red to the right blue to the left (hard course) and white to the right and yellow to the left (clubman course)not two yellows”.

2nd BY;

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